I awake feeling sad, broken and wishing I felt none of these things. Tomorrow i’m waking up alone and going to remember everything that once could have been.

The world has a hell of a right hook, i never expected a black eye that bad.

words bite, inexperience harms, i wish that had been pinned on the exit door so it could have been clearer.

life has a funny way of working out in the most painful of ways. when everything seems to fall into place, it falls straight back out of place, leaving you the fool, with the broken heart, yet another wounded romantic, lost in the grand overarching scheme of it all.

that’s me, and am i always destined to be like that?

was wrong the first time and I was wrong yet again. So i continue to act the fool, i stumble into every situation; be that a fling with many a university girl and ruining loving  relationships. it all seems so doomed, as if every event is never going to work out and everyone knows that but me.

that’s life, things fall apart, the world is an imperfect place. we can either cave to the pressure or go forward swinging. sometimes i cave, sometimes i swing. The jagged double edge glass always cuts, it’s just i realise too late.

I never saw these outcomes?

what happened?

But I guess that’s life. shit falls apart.

of course i was the one who seemed to lose the most, I gambled it all, and I lost. Badly.

We make all these big plans in this small world, and something always comes along and crushes it’s kinda ironic ain’t it?

i guess i want it all to change, i want what i’ve been after.

will the next person say ‘i love you’ and lie, or will they mean it in sincerity, and that’s just as scary.

there’s no looking, concert tickets will swap hands, hearts will sink, and i’ll still remember where it all went wrong, because my regrets seem to be my closest drinking buddies nowadays. i know them on a first name basis.

the world always seems so small when you’re with someone, however it’s when you’re alone, that the vastness of it stares you in the eyes. that’s exactly what i’m looking at right now. i wished i’d been warned this time around. it’s a lonely place being the guy that people fall for in the blink of a eye, and then break his heart just as quickly. i hope i learn someday, but i fear that won’t be anytime soon.

shit am i crying or is it just raining?

never mind i’m inside. i forgot about that.

its just that it feels as cold here, as it did outside with her.

this is a good note to leave it on.

let’s all relax for a while.

i’ll see you around the bend,


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