Well Mr. Brizell it seems that the world’s changing

This life is filthy. I should be dead and buried but I’m still here somehow. My liver and lungs are rotting. I’m fatigued from the hangover. What day is it darling? I often forget. The world’s changing and I’m changing with it. Borderline personality disorder’s corroding my existence. I’m drinking gin most nights, reflecting on … Continue reading Well Mr. Brizell it seems that the world’s changing

My bad

All good things come to an end. There's a time limit on it all. I've broken hearts and I've had my heart broken. There's been no right or wrong either time. There's some good, some bad. I just wonder where the worth we once had for one another sits by the end of it all. … Continue reading My bad

Poem: Virginal

Blistering loss, sobering realisations, the white sterility of the bone which protrudes from the skin. She gets on top riding his cock Death grows Death consumes Death ruminates Sex Sex Sex A wounded body Chewed out lust Vile pain Scratch marks galore. She grinds like a convulsing junkie A drop of blood is drawn as … Continue reading Poem: Virginal