In a sudden, and unexpected decision I have removed myself from social media. My Instagram being sent into oblivion. My Facebook being deleted from my phone. I did this for a multitude of reasons; my own wellbeing, inspired; by Frank Ocean’s lack of social media, removing distractions, my loathing of the workings of social media.

My hand (woefully conditioned) still feels as if Facebook might still be there. Instead it taps on my newly downloaded Simply RSS app, in long unfelt bliss. I can now browse the news I want with ease, and feelings of anger and loathing as I read the posts by people I didn’t particularly like or care for are gone into the empty solitude of hollow, corridors of social media.

In these past few days; I find myself listening to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange in full, without distractions, nothing to entertain me but the beautiful music. I find myself jotting away in my battered little notebook more often, than occasionally checking Facebook in unplanned breaks.

I feel like a long lost clarity has been returned to me. Instagram particularly is venoumous; a creeping horror that encourages mistakes, body image, labelling and self-centred, attention seekers whose faux hateful friends for help, ruin those who unfortunately stumble upon them.

Undeniably though there is an emptiness cast upon my phone which Facebook and Instagram filled. Like secondary eyes, that entertained me when most needed. Instead now I sit down and enjoy the Henry and Heidi podcast, in silence. No checking of whose fallen in love on Facebook. And whose parents betrayed them on Instagram. Oh how pleasant.

Anonymity is woefully underrated. Knowing too much can be an illness in itself- a product of the mind and social medias horrific copulation and subsequent conception.

Now the world slows down for me. Things blurred now become clear. Social media may seem ideal and perfect, but there’s a dark, consuming, omniscient side to it. Take a step back, look at yourself, and then decide whhere your hand goes to automatically as you open up your phone.

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