Change is an unnatural state, we’re fickle slabs of metal, purpose built cars refusing to be taken consciously by the crusher at the scrapyard. Yet as the metal contorts and writhes you’ve got to wonder is the damage eternally irreversible? The past collides with the present, I’m watching the future float out of eyesight, like … Continue reading Scrapyard

A brief inquiry into a village in Northern Britain

A small village nestled in northern Britain, unknown by even those who live nearby, yet unforgettable to those that reside within, and hardly for any good reason. Trees border the edges of muddy, disconcertingly empty farmland. Hay bales lie in unremarkable desolation; the winter scars the ground, Summer brings it into decay. To the naked … Continue reading A brief inquiry into a village in Northern Britain

Pre-pawn: Defining this degenerational decade

There is no place to begin but I have to find a place to begin regardless. This generation, this cold-hearted, malignant, sexually frustrated and spiteful generation is laughable. This generation is in the belief of some hidden acceptance between one another. Yet they have rejected themselves before anyone else could reject them. This generation refuses … Continue reading Pre-pawn: Defining this degenerational decade


A huge change is coming to the world, reminiscent of the change in the 60s; the Cold War, the Vietnam war and the all round cultural change that occurred. Now here we are in 2016; facing the current presidential election in America, Britain leaving the European Union and the senseless massacres occurring all too often. … Continue reading Riled