In the early hours of the morning today I read something on the internet. It shook me it left me with a lied to nigh desperation. 

Anyone reading this understand that suicide should never be an option. I’m not going to rattle on about how only idiots do it. Because in the most idiots don’t do it, they don’t do it to be selfish they do it because they don’t see another way. Understand me there is always a hope, ones survival is built on hope. 

Suicide is an awful thing, a force that should not exist in the world but it does as with many other awful things. People have chances, people have aspirations. Someone should never feel like they want to commit suicide. People who feel that way need to understand there is actually someone there, their is someone in the world that doesn’t want them dead. Hell I’m one of those people, you aren’t truly alone because someone, I swear someone out there is listening, someone out there feels the same as you do, there is always hope, society was built on hope. Everything thrives on hope.

We all have hope, we all have a future that is unwritten, we all have a bliss that awaits us, it may seem small but it is there. Never choose suicide. Seek someone out, find someone that understands you. Because I promise you there is someone, I don’t want to see anyone die or hear of anyone dying especially of suicide. Just know there is someone out there. Goodness still exists and so should you.

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