Losing a good woman is like being executed, it’s like having a gun put up against your head and then having the trigger pulled. It’s raw and brutal.

I lost a good woman once- of course who hasn’t. I’m still wishing I had her but now someone else has her and is I assume having what I once had with her. Whilst I’m left here in this goddamned sun which makes me remember those times we had; living, laughing and loving, then it all went. I knew it was coming, I had few options hell maybe I jsut hadn’t seen the other options available. Maybe I could have chosen the right path and I’d have ended up with her but rarely does life ever turn out perfect, it’s unheard of. Of course normalyl you can achieve the outcome you desire.

Through my loss of her though, I’ve written countless poems, short stories and blog posts about what it feels like to lose her and what it was like having her. All of it has effectively quelled the pain for me. I’m grateful for that. Now I give you one warning, which is is if you have the perfect girl- even if you don’t see it immediately and feel like she might possibly be the one hold on to her don’t let her go. Hold on to her through thick and thin. Walk through the madness with her. Just don’t let her go because the pain of losing the one. Is awful, it’s something that shouldn’t be wished upon good people. Always hold on to her, never let her go because if she is ‘the one’ then there will be none better than her. Temptation is just a state of mind, it’s surpassable- love isn’t worth throwing away for the neighbour with big tits, it never has been and never will be.

That’s all I can say, it might not change anything immediately but just giving that information  least I’ve shown people that the right girl leads to happiness and bliss that you’ve not had till you ended up with her.

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