The lake was unpleasant. That was the only way Mitchell Wright could put it.

“Oh my god you still like her don’t you?”

Sherrie Bluewood said to Mitchell, who sighed feeling stupid for what he had said.

“Baby I don’t I just said we got to know each other more recently.”

“Bullshit you liked her months ago and you still do.”

Mitch deep down knew she was speaking the truth but he couldn’t bring himself to break her up. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Mitch knew he wouldn’t cheat on her with Haley but she didn’t know that. Mitch also knew he’d carelessly hurried himself into this relationship with Sherrie, thoughtless of his current situations and feelings for others.

“Look Sherrie I’m with you, you have nothing to worry about you know that.”

“No I fucking don’t know that, you loved her once and you probably still do! You’d screw her the first chance you got.”

“I promise you wouldn’t alright.”

A couple stared at Sherrie as she shouted at him, some ducks waddled past them before walking back into the lake.

“Do you even want to be in this relationship?”

“Yes I fucking do.”

“You’re a fucking asshole, you know that.”

Sherrie said- managing a meek smile after she spoke. Mitch had spent these last few days convincing himself he loved Sherrie and his final result of his attempts where he’s forced himself to ignore it. However he knew this wasn’t a good start to the three week old relationship.

Suddenly Sherrie looked slightly content and their walk around the lake continued, Mitch felt the ducks and also the couple that walked past them staring at him, as if knowing he was the asshole, no one else but him. He damned the lake as Mitch and Sherrie continued walking.

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