Now I can’t turn a shitstorm into a wedding, all before the part where you hate my guts until hell freezes over (I hope I’m there for that actually) it might be my fault that you didn’t read the memo though.
I’m an often casual guy in an often love-stricken world.
Now stick that on you’re fridge!
Just remember to sign it B.B for any future forlorn one night stands.
I’ve also realised I can’t make it rain or shine no matter how hard I try.
And I’ve done bad things and I’ve done good things.
But by the end of it all it is going to flood one day and that flood ain’t going to wash away my sins, I know that for sure. But I’ve figured when the perfect storm dawns upon me I’ll go the mile, I’ll be the stand up guy. I learnt that in this crazy little thing called life.

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