Poem: Virginal

Blistering loss, sobering realisations, the white sterility of the bone which protrudes from the skin. She gets on top riding his cock Death grows Death consumes Death ruminates Sex Sex Sex A wounded body Chewed out lust Vile pain Scratch marks galore. She grinds like a convulsing junkie A drop of blood is drawn as … Continue reading Poem: Virginal

My Chapbook- Between Relationships available now

The download link: Between Relationships By Ben Brizell After many nightly hours of drinking too much coffee, listening to The Smiths whilst consumed by Microsoft word, I am pleased to announce that my debut and self-published chapbook Between Relationships is now available for download right here on this blog, right now! If you have downloaded … Continue reading My Chapbook- Between Relationships available now

Poem: Spleen sale

There is no wonderment.  Only statistics.  Enforced damnation.  There is no escape. There is no amalgamation. Just beliefs. So separate. They become one maddening idea. That sometimes escalates into something. So much more. And. So much worse. It's dangerous. And. Beyond contempt.