They’re going to raid Downing Street, lop off some heads, then paint a Westminster primary school with Johnson’s blood and use Corbyn’s entrails as decoration for a new communal area.

I’ve got no problems with this brutal outcome. Hang Rothko’s art on the new walls of a fallen England. The world’s going down in flames.

It’s lonely out here, love’s gone. I doubt it’ll ever truly come back.
Now here I am stumbling around Liverpool, looking for drugs in a kimono.
If anyone remembers me, then duly inform me, which lives I lived and what truths I didn’t tell you. Because there have been so many missteps and the reality is I’m trying hard to remember who I am anymore.

Fractious, flaccid, festering angst slowly caressing the neck of our teenage years, it’s hands sliding into our undergarments irregardless of whether we consent or not.

We fucked up, we’re sharing the blame, so let’s get straight to the point; you fucked me before he could find out. You know you can’t take back what you wanted.

Ooo if she tells me it’s on for tonight I’m going to drink myself into oblivion, have unprotected sex and hope it works out the morning after.

I need help but I can’t find any.

I think I’ve gone off the rails. I’m not kidding. I can’t stop drinking, everyone’s told me to fuck off and occasionally I see nefarious shadow creatures crawling around in front of me trying to steal my soul. Other times my head doesn’t stop screaming, but it’s okay because there’s a way to ease the pain. Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up and boogie to some Scissor Sisters.

That girl calls me daddy, I wonder if she knows her real dad isn’t coming back?
That secretary of his proved far more entertaining than child rearing ever did.

Oh baby this is a conundrum, I want to be in the right but history always writes itself in the negative.
So the grand scheme is overarching, it’ll abuse you before you can realise you never had a chance.

I’m your saucy, sexy, lusty boy toy ready to go at a moment’s notice. We’ll go all night. You know who it is. You know what it is. I’m worth peeking at. Go on arouse yourself. I’m so full of cum and wry quips. I’ll seduce you before you even know my name. Sure I won’t remember yours in the morning but being memorable takes effort in this world.

I’m enjoying the ride, knowing each day I get closer to the end.
I know I don’t have long left. I’m going out in effervescent style. Everything around me is empty and soulless. The Saharah desert of my soul is all dried up.
Right now I’m in rather a lot of pain, I just thought you should know.