Honey, pull me down to the floor. Lick my face with your lust and tell me all your secrets.
Fuck me senseless.
Ride me like it’s the morning after the apocalypse and we’re the only survivors.

Sure I’ve been around the bend and back again in just my underwear and loafers, but at the end of the day it’s your arms I’m wrapped up in.

I’ll bite your demons, if you scratch my back.

I’ve laboured over mistakes. The missteps that ignited hurt. Once again I wonder if it wasn’t meant to be. The true joke being that it never should have happened. The meaningless kiss falls faintly against pursed lips.

My worth to you?
I’d spill the tea, but I’m afraid it’s just too hot. Plus you’re in on my routine; Morning drinking, nicotine addiction, cake for breakfast

Life with its impermanence and
meaninglessness has me wanting out.
Lemme go somewhere quiet, neck a few pills, fall asleep in death’s cradle and say bon voyage to this shitshow.

You’re mine and I’m yours. Who cares what death changes? This hurt just won’t let up. You and I both know the side of the road is better than a pile-up on the M51 any day.

Contemplating the last few months has me all hot and sticky inside. I’ve poured my bodily fluids into you.
We sip our drinks, chatting about how an abortion is always the kindest thing for children. No fucking exceptions.

Saturday’s alive it seems. Someone drag it outside and put a bullet in its head, or if it’s back on heroin then let it choke to death on its own bile.

I’m having a wail of a time on today’s dance floor. Although I’m worrying that maybe you’ll see all my missteps. The shaky hands, the sullen garb, the repugnant frown on my face. If you see what isn’t worth a damn, who says anybody’ll be cumming tonight?

Okay, okay I paid the price, the black eye and abused liver. I’ll roll with it and hope it self-exiles. I gave up some time ago on good health when I realised it’s the unhealthy that numbs the pain.

We’ll find out if you’re bad when I’m smirking at you and we’re frolicking with devilish deviance. You’ll light a cigarette, foregoing abstinence and lose yourself in the pleasures of the flesh.
I tell you to have your way with my heart, as if no one else existed before you. You’re smiling with stunning elegance.

So this is it:
Front and centre attention. As I lose my mind, you’re all just watching.
Truthfully, I don’t blame you.
Apathy has always suited us.
I’ve rolled the dice and let the pain ride the wave alongside me.
Whilst we rot, kiss my neck with lustful fierceness.
Whatever the chopping block feels like, it’s not this.