I’ve met a girl. I fell for her,

I don’t fall for people easily. The past three years for me have been long, winding and occasionally torturous.

Now here I am; most people piss me off. Her; well she doesnt, every message we exchange brings a smile to my face. It brings a long lost hope back to me.

Our imperfections make it all the more beautiful. Our outlooks on life are as black as each another’s, I didn’t think I’d ever find that in a girl. Yet here I have.

Hell here I am writing something I didn’t know if I ever would write, everything feels much less hopeless with her around.

Reciprocation is a beautiful thing, it gives you a beautiful high. My intense loathing for most of humanity, has taken a backseat as I spend the days talking with her. Every message she brings me, is as alluring as the next.

I find these days much brighter than they where awhile ago, I may be in a strange place, but hell its a beautiful place especially with her around.

I’m not a massive fan of change

You know I don’t care where the days give away to, with a modicum of happiness

-For loss

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