Strange times, what I could tell you back in December is not what could be said in April.

I, much like the world am in a strange place. Albeit the world is going from genocides to war mongering. I however have spent the past months amiss, delving deep into the written word. This isn’t a remergence it’s just a post. Time has passed me by like a bee on honey. Stuck upon me.

Ultimately back in march I stumbled upon a strangely unexpected gift- something I had not anticipated, a spur of the moment beauty, in the form of a long unfelt happiness. Now the days demand the presence of the darkening orange bathed sun. My life is up in the air now, call it a sudden vertigo and this blog is a pleasantly familiar place to return to.

Now where is the world? Oh I wish I could say but I cannot, it is adrift in the murky waters of vast emptiness; we are but one planet in a vast universe. Yet here we humans are. The majority of humans are the single most selfish beings around.  You can be there for some people but then those people will be far from you when you most need them.

Humanity seems to be in this recurring cycle of insolence. Peope ignore the worst parts and just caress the best. As the days roll into one another that cycle is quickly disappearing, like time itself disappears.

She’s here today, will she be here tomorrow?

I can’t answer that with certainty, but I’ve got a good idea that we’re going to be still talking.

Now to leave with this; I’ve learnt that you should always look closely because you never know what you might find. People especially require close examination to understand.

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