Technology, the earth or ourselves will kill us before anything else.

Oh this glorious world rife with suicide, racism, homophobia, death, genocide and fear. There is a collective unease in the air as I write this. By the time this blog has been posted someone will have died, a baby will have been born, someone will have married and I will have listened to My chemical romance’s Famous last words at least once. This will give you the context you need.

We are a world caught up in our own fear, drowning in the 24/7 sickly sour news. People yearn for the faces of Phillip Schofield or Ann Coulter to lull us into a normalised sense of comfort. We are progressively becoming number and number to the goings on in the world. Hilary Clinton deletes an email no one cares until someone speaks up, Donald Trump continues to get votes. It is all a mass of entwined strife. People jump off bridges and shatter their legs in a failed suicide attempt and years ago a girl was killed for being different. There has been no solution to the worlds problems instead we gorge on This morning and CNN in the hope that maybe the wold will fix itself.


I have a message for you the world isn’t going to fix itself. Guns aren’t going to ban themselves in America, murders will continue to strike America as the world mass produces more bullets and Clinton threatens to bomb Iraq in quietness and then deletes a couple more emails whilst Donald Trump draws up plans for a wall bigger than the one China has, whilst grabbing a girl by the pussy.

Because that is the American way.

The problem:

The American way is becoming the world’s way; gorge on specially selected information and compare the sizes of guns like it is a who has the biggest dick contest. Trust me guns are much more dangerous than dicks. I’m sure the NRA would gladly disagree with me and argue against this. Please any NRA members do argue against this, I need a good laugh in this numbed world.

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