There is a nothingness that surges through the world, the world drips and drops with the sperm of a future generation. It violates everyone in it, it comes and it thrives on the awfulness of society. The world gives us all a relentless beating, bloody and endless. Then eventually we turn to tear each other apart. Men hit women, women hit men. People kill each other in the name of a bullshit higher power. Society rejoiced in this. We watch as people verbally tear each other apart, we watch people interviews after having sex in a box. We want to watch the people of the world suffer and we will pay for it. Society doesn’t often allow for strong bonds to be created, everyone is out for everyone else. They suffer we thrive, you probably love it, you just don’t know it. Any bonds in this world are hard to come by, anyone who boasts that their friends are family have most likely watched too much fast and furious, the world ticks on betrayal. Humanity kills itself just so one person can climb the ranks to a CEO of a big corporation. The world turns and watches as we tear love and life apart for something that shouldn’t be cared about.photograph- titled The long fall, by me.

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