We have driven the world into a state of comatose denial. We live our lives in a state of futility. We get married, we have kids, we work and we die. The world drones on and on. Dictators and genocide comes and goes but regardless we forget about it, we cast it away, we continue eating our pasta and laugh it off as the impossible. The world isn’t here for us, the world doesn’t care for us. Society doesn’t care for one another. If you dropped dead right now, right fucking now. You wouldn’t be remembered about for long, there would be a memorial and a gravestone but that would fade away. We all fucking burn out as fade out. We do both. We dissapear into the ground and that is it. We live life as easy as possible. Our hardships are our fucking downfalls. Our eyes are stapled shut. Bankers make money, office workers file papers. Life doesn’t change, the world doesn’t change, we don’t change. We just exist, in a platonic state of hate. We hate it all but we won’t admit. You won’t divorce your partner? You don’t want the hassle? Are they fucking the next door neighbour? Do you know what they did last night? The world knows. You don’t, because no one wants to open their eyes and see beyond four walls and a fast food restaurant. Society hates itself. We dress up, we fashion orderly lines, we will fucking so this until the end of the world, until the world disintegrates into a mass of dust, your cars, your jewellery and your churches will be  gone. Nothing remains, eyes stayed shut and that was it. Planet fucking earth from whenever AD to whatever fucking century. The world doesn’t care about you. Society doesn’t care about you. See it. 

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