The world has never been a place you can be different without anyone being an asshole to you about it. Britain has never been a place you can dislike football (forced down your throat at every turn), America has never been a place where you can truly be open (God fearing folks force their opinions in everywhere). Finding difference in this world isn’t easy anymore. 

For a teen especially today being different isn’t easy. Liking a girl who doesn’t have fake tits isn’t easy, anymore because no one sees their beauty they laugh at you when you say otherwise. Everyone makes their own way in the world only problem is in most cases the road has been walked a thousand times.

Few teens would dare go on the road nowadays like Kerouac did, and write a blog about it. No one would openly listen to Green day or The ramones anymore, instead it’s the crappy music today that everyone loves. The world needs it’s freaks, the world needs it’s rogues. The teens and people of today need to accept homosexuals, Teens need to accept poets, writers, rogues, lovers, dreamers, freaks, people need to see the beauty in the natural, people need to see the beauty in one another. The world needs difference because if not,then what are our chances of survival? If everyone strives to be seen as normal then society has already ended,and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore if that is the case.

Hell I dream of the day I meet someone that loves Kerouac and Green day. Those people please do emerge and present yourself. The world needs you more than ever. The sickly, cyclical normality of humanity is thriving and that needs to be halted. Read Kerouac, listen to Green day. Revolutionise the norm and create something so utterly banal and beautiful that it becomes the norm.

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