First of all a big fuck you to:

Donald Trump.

Hilary Clinton.

Theresa May.

Bill Clinton.


George Bush.

To name just a few.

Second of all a big thanks to:

Billie Joe Armstrong.

Michael Moore.

Noam Choamsky.

Tom Morello.



To name a few.

Now where to begin; well the dream is dead, god doesn’t exist and racists, homophobes and xenophobes are scum. The people that we let make our decisions are running us into the ground, making sure that people fall upon hard times; mothers become prostitutes and fathes turn to crime. The world hates us all and so do the people that run the world, they are looking out for no one but themselves. Hell the world is an embarrassment when we have people building walls around a country and making speeches that can be likened to that of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

From the democratics to Ukip they’re all losers; racists, and idiots- Pence is a prime example of that and so is Amber Rudd, idiots who are voted into positions of power. They want our votes in exchange for what? A fucked up economy, higher crime stats. WHat kind of a deal is that?

If Clinton gets in then she brings the pervert that is Bill Clinton- a disgrace to humanity back into a position of power, the Bill Clinton who is more focused on fucking than saving a failing nation. So many people let these fools get into positions of power, they get their I voted sticker and then go home and mow the lawn. The world wil continue like this, but society will falter like this, just remember that the next time you fill in your voting ballot. Evil begins with a speech and it ends with death.

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