People nowadays seem to have a real problems with not being walking contradictions and also not being assholes.

People don’t have the balls to be truthful anymore, they hide away.

No one wants to admit they love sex anymore, it’s all too conservative. When someone such as Chelsea Handler comes out and admits she likes sex well when’s branded a slut and all the mommies don’t think she’s a good person. It truly has become ironic. 

I’m writing this late at night, I’ve been lying awake reminiscing and eventually this post came to me.

People have gone politically insane; they need their labels and they need their niceness, swearing is no longer appropriate.

Many normal people also seem to have this strange idea, especially teenagers that their life is so bad, whilst they moan about having an o’so hard life. Most often their life isn’t bad; the soldiers that die for countries and half-mad politicians have more to gripe about. It’s ironic that the royal family and their laughable consortium get more fame and acknowledgment than American military snipers: MSG  Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart, who died liberating a country that like animals brutally killed them. Those two men put more on the line than the current prince and queen have had to, yet they aren’t very well known.

So yes teenagers of the world you don’t have it all that bad, now go and leant to tie your shoelaces.

Once I’ve finished this post I’ll probably fall asleep. I’ll wake up and nothing will have changed: girls will label other girls sluts. Sex will have a crippling stigma to it that makes it harder and harder for people to be open. There’s not much of a bright side to any of this. I am of the knowledge that now life will simply continue with little change.

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