There is no place to begin but I have to find a place to begin regardless.

This generation, this cold-hearted, malignant, sexually frustrated and spiteful generation is laughable. This generation is in the belief of some hidden acceptance between one another. Yet they have rejected themselves before anyone else could reject them.

This generation refuses to believe they are different whilst they wander the streets, in similar- normally the same clothing and also similar haircuts in the belief that their reason for existence is acceptance from people who have no right to reject anyone.

One especially horrifying thing I saw was a while ago. A group of guys I know where talking and eventually came upon the subject of a girl. They said this:

‘She’s attractive, a bit strange like since she writes a blog.’

A blog. A girl is strange because she writes a blog. This belief that anything but similarity is abnormal is heinous. It’s strange because discovering difference now is a beautiful thing. It is for me anyway as I feel as if I have found someone that is unwilling to become a self-rejected ass.

This generation’s beliefs have been so mutilated by the tabloids and reality television that they no longer see anything in a normal view. Everyone has an image now, which they have to fit into it. Normal or weird, nice or slutty. The tabloids have aided massively in creating these monstrosities, teaching us that difference is repugnant you should wear your Adidas bags in unison and prowl the streets in search of girls who have fallen in love with the ideals of the Kardashians and grown up high on the beliefs of rappers with egos so large that they’re excruciating and down right insane to listen to.

This generation has no excuses beliefs may have been forced into their heads but they could pull them out, but they won’t because they’re too cool for difference, they’re too good to date a woman with a blog, god forbid it might be an exceptional blog I mean hell writing a blog go for it, do it and do it well in my opinion.

It’s funny as well becuase the teachers of today are as awful as some of the teenagers as today as they wander around capitalising on this love for smiliarity. Forcing people to be similar, no blue hair or jewellery. They have helped this. They have encouraged difference to be outcast, to be laughed at. Those that are different are made to feel awful about themselves because of their blue hair or tribal jewellery.

Makeup has also become a huge irony in itself. Girls put it on in masses which doesn’t bother me but it covers up a natural beauty just so they feel like they might impress some boys. Most male teenagers of today fearful of seeing their girlfriend without make up because maybe they won’t look attractive anymore. Or if they want to see a girl without makeup on then it’s to see if their still attractive without makeup on (yes that is true, that has happened) it’s unbelievable, it’s almost incomprehensible as they cry in fear of entering school without make up on. All of this has been encouraged and nurtured into the minds of the teenagers of today.

The talentless famous celebrities of todays generation are in most cases aligned with this barrage of bullshit and stupidity. Paris Hilton is more likely to make the news nowadays than Julian Casablancas (Julian Casablancas is a much more interesting guy.) Her fame like so many other talentless famous celebrities are from sex tapes. Put out there in embarrassing publicity stunts that people eat up mercilessly.

Sites nowadays are engineered solely for the shaming of girls, solely to make girls feel crap about themselves, solely to make girls doubt themselves, solely to promote this barrage of being similar. No one does anything they just laugh and says it does no harm until some poor girl kills themselves over this then it is hysteria for a couple of months and then soon enough its forgotten about, everything continues as normal. Deep down that death was a clear warning of what this generation is seeing but it doesn’t change anything but ruin the lives of an earnest family who have lost a daughter. That may be a harsh thing to say but it’s a truth. A truth that people won’t admit. What they will admit however is how many guys a girl has slept with, They’ll happily do that, smiling and laughing about it until another sucide casualty arrives in the morgue. The cycle is endless and that is a terrifying thing as the senasalisation of crime and public sex tapes continue into a new and daunting age where terrorism lurks in every malicious corner.

Today’s generation are tomorrow’s fools, they hide in ball courts whilst a spiteful techer hateful of what their lives have become traipse through their blue walled classroom teaching stupid theorems  that no one needs, pormoting life styles that no one needs or wants.

Difference is a thing that will never die, it’ll just slowly become a rarity until a new culture arrives or so I hope. 

Few people of this generation will stand up and admit that they like the works of David Lynch (a masterful director) yet they’ll happily say which pornstar they beat off to at home. Why because wtching porn and telling your mates all about it is more accepted than saying you’re on the second season of Twin Peaks and loving it in high school. This generation prefer the senseless violence of movies like Brotherhood, than anything that might actually open their minds a little such as Midnight in Paris, that’s too placid for them.

The women that male teenagers have to like as well; the ass of Kim Kardashian is shoved in their face and is loved by people in amidst  her painfully stupid tweets. Yet a  teenager liking Laura Prepon is strange . Frankly I’m more attracted to Laura Prepon than Kim Kardashian. A teenager today  would be torn apart if they said this, laughed at till they quickly took back what they had said. That’s hard to witness but it happens, it shouldn’t but it does whilst a sum is taught by a lazy and imbecilic maths teacher that is so stupid and hard to listen to you begin to hate school.

No matter how many times it can be said but difference is becoming a rare thing, similarity is becoming common: jogger wearing and terrorising assholes are more common in large groups than a Rock, alternative or punk loving teenager, listening to the new Blossoms record or relistening to The Ramones’ Rocket to Russia for fear of being seen as strange. Hell both albums are far superior than the Beyonce and Chris Bown crap that haunts the internet, as they make shambolic tits of themselves which tabloids just o’so love. Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Warren Zevon, Radiohead are all so much more advanced and intelligent than today’s music. Most of today’s music in comparison of these stalwarts of music crumbles, there is no comparison to be made. Yet so few of this generation is willing to admit that they love Zevon or that even try  and listen to Zeppelin solely because it’s old. Being old has suddenly become an awful thing in thie eyes of this generation.

Our future lies in this current generation which is far from the grunge generation of the 90s or the groove obsessed generation of the 70s. This generation is something horrific, a mutation of everything that was once hated. There is no name for it. 

It truly is a beautiful thing now though to see difference in a generation of matching track suits. I can’t predict the future, but I can see this generation, I can witness it and frankly it’s horrific in most cases and that is terrifying.






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