Be a little different and you’ll become an oucast.

Trust me on that.

Speak the truth and you’ll be feared.

Trust me on that as well.

Difference is a beautiful thing it truly is. People despise it because they know they’re different they just can’t fucking accept it.

I mean people hated the album cover of The Strokes’ fantastic debut album Is this it (a fantastic and alluring album cover) because it showed a gloved hand on a bare woman’s ass- it was different so people hated it.

People are afraid of that, they are worried it might corrupt our youth, when the majority of our youth have deadbeat parents and walk past heroin addicts jonesing on the street in our poverty stricken cities. Yet it is an alum cover that people are afraid of and worried about, not the state of the world.

It’s truly funny how well and goddamn fucked most people’s priorities, worries and beliefs are in this world, it’s awful.

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