Emotions get the best of us. Love gets the best of us. Hate gets the best of us.

It may not be believed but boys cry, they cry their eyes out when they see a woman they love leave them. When they realise they have fucked up  they will cry. 

We are not all hyper-masculine men meant for looking good around the arm of a girl. We are not all meant to drink beer and fight until the early hours of the morning. Some of us see the emotional beauty in life and love. We do not all fuck women and then never call them back. Most of us are more than that.

These who are not hyper-masculine are not homosexuals because of this, even if they are what difference does it make?

What difference are they to us?

What makes a homosexual or a lesbian different?

The answer: nothing, they are like us. Crying and dying, laughing and loving. They face a predjuidce that they do not deserve. 

Talk all you want about how homophobia doesn’t exist anymore. You don’t have to look far and see that it does. Parents and guardians bring their awful beliefs into households resulting in kids growing up hating homosexuals and lesbians, they grow up with racism imbued in them and that is awful.

Now let it be known here; boys do cry

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