We fall over, we pick ourselves up, maybe we cry, maybe we don’t. Maybe we’re left with a gash maybe we aren’t there’s no telling. It’s a gamble. Right now we seem like we can’t pick ourselves up, as massacres are committed in the name of religion,  politics is run by the corrupt and should of been indicted. We’ve left unions we’ve created. We have bombed countries, we are witnessing death, mayhem and corruption. It’s always been that way. Death has always walked   around, mayhem has always occurred and corruption has always been tearing it’s ugly head. Corruption is one big irony because it’s in everything we watch and enjoy; the Olympics are beyond corrupt, sports are corrupt,  politics is corrupt. Most things are corrupt because it involves money. Few people can be satisfied with how much money they have because we can get as much as we want when we truly try. People can play the poor into their pockets, people can play sports into their pockets. There’s little we can do because we all need the money and everything really does have a price, from people to products. People will pay it.

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