Guns kill people. You pull the the trigger on an easily bought Walmart gun you can end anyone’s life in an instant. Without warning. Yet in America guns are legal. Some people rally up and scream how guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The ‘people kill people’ bit might he right but guns make the killing much more easier not only to kill someone’s intended target but to kill more people than without a gun. You can walk into Walmart with some half-assed gun license, and buy one of the many lethal firearms they have on sale.

No one bats an eyelid truly until they get home and see on the television some guy who easily procured a gun killed 10 people. No one could stop him for fear of death. This madman was able to kill all these people without being stopped because he held a firearm, the survivors had to wait for either a hero to attack him or the police to turn up and eliminate him. Regardless of these brutal facts. America refuse to make gun laws tighter.

No matter how many massacres or murders that could have been prevented by stricter gun laws America’s government refuse to change it. Hell there’s a strong possibility that it may never change and guns will be easy to get hold of. That itself is a truly fearsome thing, knowing guns that could ignite a massacre can be bought with ease at a local supermarket.

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