We are our own worst enemy. We have created murder, hate and racism to name a few. Only now hundreds of years after we’ve created these things are we getting around to stopping them but there is very little we can do but hope people learn from their mistakes and grow as people. Our politicians sit up in Ivory towers, in bliss ignorance of all this, instead shaking hands as they go to ar or worrying hen the stock market closes down temporarily. We ignore what is eroding our world, they ignore what is eroding our world. They don’t want to know, for no good reason.

So fuck ’em all there’s little to like about our politicians we can;t relate to them, they are billionaires and egotistical maniacs who dream of building walls around our country, or hammering the police into the ground, laughing on vacations as they do so. There’s only malice to them and there always has been. There is very little else to expect. We create national anthems to make ourselves look and feel better. Newspapers are more willing to post about the British Queen’s goddamn son’s wife’s sister and her marriage, than talk about the massacres that happen around the world. Most of it is irrelevant but no one wants to acknowledge it.

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