Oppression is a form of slavery, stopping people like Noam Chomsky from speaking their mind, banning books like The Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller or Howl by Allen Ginsberg. Outlawing gay marriage because they’ve read some pathetic religious text. Killing a gay person for being different is beyond heinous.

It’s unimaginable that this still goes on. It’s worrysome that people have their lives ended because of their views. 

The powerful are left to outlaw what is right and claim that everyone in their country is free. When their not. 

For a long time gay marriage was outlawed in the U.S. Whilst they they stood up on their podiums humming to their national anthem above a disenchanted eagle. Claiming they were free and everyone was happy. When they weren’t, they didn’t factor in those who weren’t allowed to marry their partners because they were of the same sex because that was seen as wrong at the time- hell in some cultures it still is and that’s fucking appalling.

The grandiose irony is that no matter what there will always be oppression and censorship. Because people hate difference; be it views or literature; people believe it will bring about the end of the world, when in reality it won’t. It never will, it’s just something wildly and fantastically different from the damned norm. Some people just refuse to accept it no matter what.

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