Music doesn’t make people kill, movies don’t make people kill, books don’t make people kill, television doesn’t make people kill. 

Religion makes people kill, self-righteous bullshit terrorist and xenophobic, racist views make people kill. Yet here we are still blaming music, movies, books and tv shows on murders and suicides. Whilst these people preach in their big churches believing they’re right. Yet in these churches murderers are born and massacres are planned and ignited. That’s no lie; religions kill and beliefs kill. People don’t want to admit it and people don’t want to know. People want want to believe religion is only puerile good but it’s all crap and those that say religion are completely innocent and good are deluded- drunk on religious texts and intently listen to preachers that don’t know all that much. In reality all these preachers have done is read some crappy religious texts donned some garb and suddenly become all powerful and all important. No religious follower wants to believe otherwise, they want to beat around the bush and censor anything they’re against. Censoring us from saying ‘fuck and shit’ on TV. When in reality we ourselves created these words and are soda regularity but yet here we here censoring them. Ignorant to the fact that mental illness and the compulsion to murder creates murderers. There’s very little else that contributes to becoming a murderer.

Censorship does all too often oppress what should be heard and allowed. Not allowing people’s opinions to be heard. 

The great irony is we created and believe strongly in what most people are constantly trying to censor, which is beyond stupid.

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