We are on the eve of the 2016 Rio Olympic games and it’s fucked.

Brazil’s government have spent billions on building Olympic stadiums for the Rio Olympics, and many other Olympic centric things in Rio. None of that money ironically and unsurprisingly has gone to the crime-ridden and poverty stricken areas of Rio. 

Greed has once again prevailed and the majority of people will sit in there homes, laugh and drink watching the Olympics not realising that someone in Rio will die due to poverty and/or crime whilst overpaid athletes run in stadiums which the Brazilian government seem to view as more important than helping those in the favelas out.

Once again politics and greed has gone and shown how fucked the world can be and few will ever see the true extent of Rios slums. Much to the surprise of some, Rio hosting the Olympics has a much more fucking negative impact than a fucking positive impact. Which is an undoubted fucking travesty.

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