A huge change is coming to the world, reminiscent of the change in the 60s; the Cold War, the Vietnam war and the all round cultural change that occurred. Now here we are in 2016; facing the current presidential election in America, Britain leaving the European Union and the senseless massacres occurring all too often. It may feel like the world is ending and it’s all going to hell, but it isn’t yes it’s fucked beyond belief with people like Trump facing the possibility of becoming president, which is a very worrying possibility and the fact Clinton wasn’t indicted for her crime. The change is dawning upon us. When it fully hits we’ll eventually acclimate to it and life will continue until the next big cultural change. 

It’s a daunting and foreboding cycle but change has to happen for good or bad. Change is a part of life and life will continue regardless of when Brtiain completely leave the European Union or who gets into power in America. Because we have an instinct to survivor and we’ll survive regardless of the upcoming change.

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