It had been four months since I’d last had a full conversation with her. I loved her more than I did whilst I was talking to her back in those sun drenched summer days. Now here I was in the days of winter, walking home from this decaying high school in bum fuck Omaha. A true shithole, this city was dragging me down with it’s other fuck ups and escaping was my only hope. 

When I was walking I realised that mine and hers (her being Jeanine Kovely) paths would cross. I was mixed about this, I wasn’t sure but I didn’t change anything- I kept my sarcastic tone like I always did.

Eventually after walking a little bit I ended up next to her. 

“Hey  Neill, fancy seeing you here.”

Jeanine said.

“I was just about to say the same thing to you.”

“How are you anyway Jeanine?”

“I’m fine, how about you?”

“Same here I’m alive and kicking so all is well.”

I wondered if she’d mention about the days we talked endlessly.

“Hey look at this, this is what Hugh sent me.”

“Anything that involves Hugh looking like a knob I’ll look at.

She pulled out her iPhone 6 and held it out, her text messages open. I read the one Hugh (Hugh believed he was the perfect guy when in truth he was an asshole who had a fruitless crush on Jeanine had sent her ‘Hey Babe What are you wearing, I’m not wearing much.’ I laughed, I realised I’d walked past my mom who was picking me up.

“Oh god I can’t believe he fucking sent that.”

I said to Jeanine. I wanted to put my hand through a wall knowing I’d given up Jeanine for no proper fucking reason.

“I know I can’t either.”

I eventually came back to reality and said.

“Oh shit I’ve walked past my car.”

She laughed.

“I’ll see you later Jeanine.”

“Alright see you later Neill.”

She smiled and I began to walk backwards towards my car.

I got in my car, in silence knowing that had been my second chance at resuming mine and Jeanines days of endlessly talking. I should of spilt my feelings. I damned myself, knowing that I probably wouldn’t get another chance like that.

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