If you can stay awake in fucking school then why the fuck can’t a politician stay awake when someone is reading a report that pertains to their past fuckups. They stand up there, holed up in there big room, arguing like beggars in a bakery. These People who demand our attention and self-righteously change our lives for worse for no reason. Democracy is well and good until someone changes their mind on a decision, no matter how right. People come out of the woodworks demanding change but when it comes to the wrong conclusion, they view democracy as fucked.

These politicians start wars on ‘apparently’ our behalf, they massacre innocent people for no reason they con us into their belifs and then fall asleep when their wrongs are revealed, they don’t try to hide their bullshit anymore. They just run around, dictating their beliefs and their bullshit. It’s fucking damned, the whole system, falling apart, brick by brick and cheque by cheque; the collapse may never come but fixing something so fucked isn’t going to be an easy task.

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