Blood runs rampant on the streets too often nowadays, people fall ill on the streets too often, and political and religious beliefs send the death toll rising. Not much good is happening right now that’s for sure; however Metallica’s new album might be out this year so that’s a plus. This year has been taking anyone and giving little hope whatsoever. It’s been fucking unwelcoming. Everyday someone good in the world dies and every day someone bad lives, it’s a despicable continuing turn of events. With little end.

Hope is quickly leaving as the bombs go off and the newspapers report hundreds dead. It seems endless with nothing coming but more fucking diabolical shit, and little can be done to stop the death and destruction and it’s fucking awful that nothing can be done to stop te death and destruction. Regardless time will continue to pass and the good and the bad will continue to live and die as it always has been and always will be hell I’ll even be putting up some more blog posts and Metallica has a new album out soon, so that’s good.

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