Well as for the title I sincerely mean it. Since from the fucking government to the goddamned education system all those assholess, well hell anyone involved in any kind of political sector they’re all cunts- out for nothing but justified infamy and to be eternally remembered as people that did something- no matter how stupid and thoughtless. They want their name on some cheap Sunday read newspaper; along with it in block capitals as the person who’ll revolutionise our lives when in reality all their doing is filling their pockets, smoking their Cuban cigars on their yachts whilst cheating on their power-hungry wives with a high-class hooker, lost in their own stupidity. As they cause our taxes to go up and ensuring our kids lives get ten times fucking harder all the while laughing as they fool people into believing in their highly publicised and ignorantly personal change, which is as laughable as any good comedians jokes.

All we can do is hate them, loathe them and hope some heinous shit happens to them and hell does it feel good when we do especially with the music cranked to ten, I’ve learnt that very quickly and happily as well.

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