Love is a funny thing truth be told.

We follow it unrepentantly and then run from it when it gets too close. It’s been the start of lives and then the end of lives.

Deep down love is a destructive force of nature and yet we have to feel it, it is impossible not too, it’s irresistible. Hell love comes in too many forms such as; small girls with breasts, tall girls with big asses. It varies, a little too often sometimes but when we find that perfect match our souls are forever trapped in love’s loathsome fucking abyss or alternatively love’s brightly shining heaven. I write better in the abyss and always will.

Fuck heaven anyway it ain’t my kind of place and I hope it stays that way. Albeit my only request if I do go to hell is I go to the air-conditioned part of hell, it’s got to have one, that I’m pretty sure of. Even the devil needs freezing over sometimes.

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