Now I can’t tell you how your life’s going to go; whether you’re gonna marry your high school sweetheart, make it big, live in a mansion and die with a smile on your face. Unfortunately I can’t and never will. Hell not even you can prevent your life from going from heaven to hell in the blink of eye. But I can tell you that more than likely (maybe not if you’re damn lucky) you’re gonna suffer from a broken heart one day, some days you might wonder why we exist- what our purpose is (if you figure that out, please remember to tell me) and ultimately one day your heart is going to simply stop and the fat lady will end her song and nothing can ever fix that- I’m sorry to inform you. But all those things are all the reasons life needs to be lived to the fullest- sit down and fucking write about it, make money from it. Because one day we’ll all be inches away from the reaper and its then you need to realise it’s all been worth it in the end.

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