Over time I’ve discovered that being disgusted with your life is in truth much better than being disgusted with yourself, that and liquor goes down a lot quicker with the Stooges raw power on full blast.

At some point in our lives of course we’re all going to have that loathsome sinking feeling and it could be chalked up to in some cases fear and self-loathing but in all honesty it’s because we are beginning to lose meaning to this crazy little world because for some unexplainable reason we need a meaning in life be it the menial 9 to 5 job or smoking and drinking the days away everyone must discover their own little impersonal meaning to life and everything in between. Its a hushed up part of life that we tend to forget about until you know you’re going to drown in that deep swimming pool of all your petty bullshit vices that you believe you have.

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