You know in life they rarely tell you that shit happens, they try to sugar coat it with everything happens for a reason but sometimes it fucking doesn’t sometimes life just wants to test you for its own personal amusement and to see how far you go before you blow up into a million pieces and need to spew out all your feelings, all the bad shit you’ve done eventually making you think that you’re a fucking bad guy but the bad guys well there in prison or wandering past you each day, both of you probably not even acknowledging each other as you race off to somewhere. Hell everyone’s probably walked past someone that’s done some unspeakable shit before. We all have done some bad distasteful shit before and thats the undeniable and unspeakable truth that few admit because we’re so afraid to become like those that we read about (done the crimes that make you stay awake at night wondering how someone does something like that) falling apart and spouting about any bullshit sin that probably would even make God laugh to some cheap psychiatrist.  
But in the end without that Valium and in the other end without in the words of Leonardo Dicaprio (Billy Costigan is the guys name in the movie) from the masterpiece that is The Departed ‘Why don’t you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off!’ Though it’s extreme that shit happens and though everyone knows that you always figure that it happens for a reason but sometimes it might just be because shit happens.

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