In life there are many things they tell you and then there are the things they don’t tell you. By the end of it the excuse is I ran out of ink and time. As slowly but surely the clock is ticking and the generation of swine has arrived- laconically charged mutants high on teen spirit. Now all we can do is look back, sat on our bed amidst the sound of an old Mötley Crüe album looking forward to our morally bankrupt future in hellish loneliness well until you find that someone who you can go to Home Depot with, someone you are willing to give the white dress amidst the tolling of the bells, the toll for madness and love the best emotions you can ever have. Well until you walk down the aisle and know that this woman will be the woman that you can write about, the woman who brings a little sweet surrender to your tortured soul. Now those days will be the best days of your life. Once you figure that out, go write about it. Tell them who sent you though.

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