Take these words, to your heart, your bones, wherever their best suited basically as they might just be worth something on a long and winding round where the lights are blinding and the heartbreaks unforgiving.
Now most people have seen too many romantic dreams explode and never implode.
But when it gets to their slither of the dream it just falls and soon enough nothing seems to be able to keep you together at the seams.
Its right then, the heat of the moment, the dying of the light where you’re really free at last.
Now play that dead bands song whilst you’ve still got a meandering chance, never mind the bollocks just go and do it all while you still can. So when you’re dropped off low you can say; home sweet home. One last time before you’ve got the ring and the life behind the white picket fence is one signature from happening and then finally you’ll know you proved them wrong.
They said you’d be the word on the street one day.
But you’re word is now on the marriage vows.
At that moment you’ve done something worth while, not something worth writing about but its better than a kick up the ass.

Take that from someone who knows.

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