It was at the centre of the Earth reading the scriptures of electronic prose today that I learnt who would fuck a poor country for the next 5 years and now if you’re anything but a good, model citizen you’re safe. For pernickety bastards got in and plan to bring ruination to the damned. The screwheads will be allowed to wander on down and order some more drugs at the pharmacy whilst the damned smoke meniality on a daily basis whilst they wait for the next sex fiend to do them again (feisty words their only comfort) and maybe light a cigarette afterwards as a hint that the damned are still stuck in damnation. I don’t speak highly of any politician unless they can kick ass, make me laugh and take names (and no not for taxes) and none have ever done that and most likely well hopefully never will. There’s one thing that’s clear and that is their job is more simple than anyone else’s; ruin everything that makes a dysfunctional country remotely bearable, not that the country ever was and ever will be. All I know at this tenacious moment in the testament of human skullduggery is that the day the rain stops is the day the meniality has been smoked up and the county won’t give the screwheads methadone.

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